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Talking Thinking Being – ‘Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey … STUFF’

Life can be hard sometimes. I know this is an odd statement to start with for blog but it is honest.
My life certainly has its twists and turns, and when it does I turn thinking allot.

Recently there have been a lot of truly serious things happening. Close to home are the floods spread throughout the UK and the continued financial instability. Further abroad is the serious unrest whilst Ukrainians struggle for a genuine and freeing democracy. Also Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Libya Pakistan all have militant conflicts and well.. I could just keep listing one place after another that faces their own struggles.

Ukrainian protesters gas mask. Kiev


Places that face poverty, corruption, inequality, poor health, lack of funding and resources, power struggles, natural disasters, political unrest, abuse, miscommunications and misunderstanding. All these places represent many people and each person has their own world of challenges. It may seem like one person’s challenge is far less than another’s but when you take the factor of comparison out of the equation each person would probably confess that their struggles are big. This is because difficulties shade our world view and take so much space in our thinking.

Presently in my life I too have my moments of unrest, lack of funding, conflicts, misunderstandings, housing crisis, ill health and .. well.. doesn’t that all sound rather dramatic!
To me it is big, but in all truth it is only one moment of my life.

It is how I perceive things that make them overwhelming. I have realised that thinking it all through is good. However, understanding your circumstances, your needs, your hopes and seeing how that aligns with the reality of what is achievable can be quite a shock!

My brain does not process linearly! If I may steal a Dr Who quote and change it slightly this is what I would say about my thoughts: My mind behaves in a non-linear, subjective way. My thoughts are ‘actually like a big ball of Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey … stuff’.

This can be rather useful to me as it means I can see how two truths can be true at the same time. Yes the reality of my circumstances may be harsh, but also yes, this is not big. I do not have to wait for this difficulty to pass before I can enjoy the small things of life, like the warmth of the sun coming in intermittent waves of yellow through my window onto my lap as I type this. The beauty of my family and the love they share with me when other relationships are sometimes a challenge or a chore. The truth that I need to create a source of income, and quick, but I can also believe that it is going to be ok! Enabling me to enjoy my business, building contacts establishing a brand, an ethical vision and giving it the time it deserves to grow strong rather than quickly.


sitting in sunlight at th window


I think what I am trying to say is that I have realised happiness in life for me is not about being perfect or ‘getting there’ or solving things or even doing things!
I have found it is more about a mind-set, a way of thinking. It is not about being right, doing well or what I ought to do.
Do you think that perhaps being you, yep just being you is precious and that out of that place can flow an awful lot of things that you were putting pressure on yourself to be, look like or achieve.
Prioritising love and hope rather than fear and worry, embracing the small beautiful things instead of longing after constant dreams of better and more, could help both me and you to avoid striving, comparison and unhelpful cultural assumptions.
Allowing things to go slow, steady and one at a time could give us, in whatever situation we find ourselves, space for creativity, organisation, prioritising and self-awareness.

Life is beautiful, life is delightful, truly it is!
In amongst all the heaviness there is a way to be that overcomes overwhelm and allows you to have space to be you. Processing the deep things enjoying the small things and flinging off the unhelpful things with abandon! All this helps to face those harsh realities, those dramatic challenges that life brings.
For that is one thing for sure all humankind has in common. We all face challenges whatever size they may be and we all need grace to be in those challenges until our journey has moved passed them and onto the next thing.

Shop is now open!

new shop now open


After months of training, planning, and a huge amount of unseen hard work I can now proudly say that my new online shop is now open!
It can be found at www.lucychrista.co.uk and this website will soon be transfered into the lucy christa shop with the blog being easily found on the top home bar for all you blog followers to continue to enjoy.

I have to say my lack of monthly posting has been mainly due to all the other online work i have had to do! I have practically had to learn how to be a website builder entering the weird world of scc, html , prestashop, wordpress, servers and domains.. so much to learn. However, the learning curve was well worth it!
For here I can proudly say that despite the extremely tight deadline, the small budget and the need for a small heap of courage.
I have done it!

I should say we have done it, for without the help of my mum, who has helped me create my design, Rosie – my intern who has joined me just recently. My brother in law sam for his encouragement on the web building front as well as Russ who is just incredible and Rashid for helping me problem solve and face the challenges of the long haul. We this simply would not have happened.
Not to mention a team of other people who have encouraged me such as Catherine Bray with Blue Orchid, Marius my business coach, Kim at OSG teaching me about SEO. My dad has unconditionally supported me and will continue to o so as do all my family, esp to mention Is Abi, Mike and Sasha and Gwen ever a source of encouragement and general happiness.
So go see it! see it for yourself! www.lucychrista.co.uk

There are many products that i have made and bought in from fairtrade suppliers that i have not yet uploaded, but I will continue to add new pretty products every day with winter warmers coming up tomorrow, makeup bags and handbags, childrens changing mats and bibs. Paypal is presently the payment however card payments will also be added in a blink of an eye!

So browse, enjoy and be inspired by beautiful things!

Count Down!

Lucy Christa coming soon



With lucychrista.com and via lucychrista.co.uk we will soon have a wonderful website shop packed full of christmas gifts!


We are counting down the days as the release is imminent!
Working solidly in the background to install as many goodies ready to buy for christmas there should be some great ethical gifts to choose from.
We are selling both items for women and young children that will make great treats to enjoy.

Soon you will be able to be inspired by our range of stylish and affordable, ethically traded and handmade gifts.

We import, design and make a wide range of fashion accessories, home accessories, and children’s products, working closely with projects in developing countries, to ensure that all of our products are fairly/ethically traded. With a blend modern design and traditional craft skills, we provide a fabulous selection of ethically made gifts for many age ranges.

Here are some sneak peeks into some of our favorite Items we will be selling.
leather shoes for children I saw three hips come sailing in christmas

first steps shoes of girls











womens gift jewelry earing fair tradelinen makeup bags perfect present womes gift ethicalbuying fair trade polar bear animal necklace











For every beautiful item Lucy Christa sells, there’s an equally beautiful change happening somewhere in the world, and this is what we delight in! So we really hope you will enjoy all that we have to offer, The present website release date is the 25th but with our graphic designers and web designers on task, who knows it could be sooner!



Want to see a few things we have available already?
Go to our etsy craft shop, www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LucyChrista


Amazing Russ

lucychrista.com online womens gift shop

So many of you blog followers may know that I have a little obsessive passion for seeing beauty come out of life. However as we all know not all of life is beautiful all of the time and that is certainly even more evident when magnified by the conditions of poverty in non-western/capitalist nations. This has fuelled my desire to come alongside these entrepreneurial crafts people who have come from a place of poverty, in a way that I can bring their beauty to profit for them.

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autumn winter mood board

I have made a Pinterest board recently. It is full of golden colour and sights that revive emotions of comfort and home despite the fact the weather will evidently be turning for the worse now.

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Learning, Dyslexia & Creativity

I just recently spoke at a teachers training day on my experiences as  a student and it inspired me to write a little too.
I love learning, I always have had a passion for discovery and the feeling of achievement when you learn new things and develop your thinking.
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A Rest At ile Tudy

A Rest At Ile Tudy  By Christine Graham

sketchbook and poemThe boat was gentle rocking, as it had done on the outward crossing, but then I was a different person, an exhausted grey wraith. Closed in on myself like a limpet, clinging to the rock, waiting for the returning tide.

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Be Bold

business start up book
I have been imagining the idea of starting my own business, doing the things I love, and using it to support the things I am passionate about since school.
As I have matured and my ideas have also. They have been refined, becoming more realistic.
Then there is the decision, and making that decision to go for it is just the start!

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