A Rest At ile Tudy

A Rest At Ile Tudy  By Christine Graham

sketchbook and poemThe boat was gentle rocking, as it had done on the outward crossing, but then I was a different person, an exhausted grey wraith. Closed in on myself like a limpet, clinging to the rock, waiting for the returning tide.

Since then I have been washed over with gentle breezes that wrapped the headland of Tudy in glorious summer sun from the Wednesday we arrived to the Wednesday we left. It caressed and coaxed the spring buds into fragile leaf and vibrant flower. It welcomed the embattled locals out to their pavements bistros and onto their well-oiled bikes, relieved to be loosed from the iron shackles of a persistent winter; they spilled out happily into the freedom of a glorious May bank holiday.

The tide of Bonhomie rose on family and friends alike, overflowing plenty, spilling its joy and relief onto us too. We lapped it up like dry plants ready to expire, like happy crustaceans weaving their tentacles in the tide’s flow. We lapped it up and rejuvenated, we were able to relax and take in the beauty of our little home, all azure blue and sunshine yellow.

The boat rocked gently on and thrummed with the determination of its engine’s power. I took out my colours and added a few finishing touches to the pencil sketch I had attempted on the beach. Sighing with contentment and full of peace, our return home did not daunt me. The little sketch would remind us of the delight of bathing in the much needed charms of Ile Tudy.

Written and drawn by Christine Graham

Thank you for reading this beautiful piece of prose that my mum wrote about her brief holiday in France. She has been in a writing group for only four months now and already they all pour out their hearts and imaginations onto paper in such a wonderful way I do hope I will continue to have the privilege of showcasing their work on this blog!

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