LucyChristaHi I am Lucy Christa, a designer, entrepreneur, aid & volunteer worker, traveller & aunty.
All of these things sound so big but in truth I’m just me; I love life to be beautiful and am an appreciator of beautiful things. I find life is somewhat simpler when I think about it in terms of being rather than doing.
All the things I write about in this blog come out of who I naturally am.

Family, well that’s an easy one. I don’t know about you but I find family is always close to my heart and they are the lovely people that know me inside out, one can be natural around them having a hard day is ok! Having a good day can be shared. Loving comes easy and new generations adds to the richness and joy, lightening the heavy stuff of life.

Cultures are mind blowing to me, I love it!
Traveling can be difficult and is by no means all rosy and like the beach resorts perfect pictures. But the richness that comes from expanding yourself into new cultures, new ways of thinking, well its exciting! I absolutely love learning and as such new languages, foods, environments, peoples and customs are to discover rather than be afraid of.
My all-time fav place to be and go to is Thailand esp the north, although I have been to other countries I lost a piece of my heart to Thailand and its people whilst I lived and worked there for a year. It’s great for tourists as well I would definitely recommend going!

Crafts are something I have been brought up with, necessity being the mother of invention would be true for our family but I think we have a natural tendency towards the creative anyway. My dad is a garden designer and can really put his hands to anything.
My mum has been a cookery teacher and when weddings came around she put her hands to work making wedding cakes, bridesmaid dresses, wedding flowers, decorations, here own wedding outfit and well the list goes on! It was madness and a whole bunch of fun too!
So yeh it rubbed off on me, I did art design all the way to degree level where I studied on a more commercial based textiles course. I learnt to print my own fabrics, use knitting & sewing machinery and did dress making, graphics and photography on the side.

Beautiful Gifts. As you can imagine this has given me a magpie’s eye.. ever seen those people taking pictures at what looks like nothing, yep that’s me! It is like I can’t turn off I just keep seeing interest and beauty in things as I go along. As such I keep those bird eyes open for any treasures in gift form; perfect products that make affordable, unique and fun gifts. I am just in the process of building up a business in which to harness these skills that I might be able to share all my wonderful finds with you and share not only the bargains but the life time treasures.

Business. Well I just mentioned a bit about business and that is really the fun bit, but running a business is also a massive challenge!! There is so much involved and so many things one must remember to do with marketing, web optimisation, sourcing products and financing, committing time to making products as well as selling them.. well I could go on and the thing is there are many of us out there! Craft makers, entrepreneurs and you are just all so cleaver! So many ideas and so much backbone I thought I must have an area on this blog in which I can share with you my findings as I set up a business and perhaps it will help a few of you on your way too.

As you can imagine all of these things tie together. My business is called LucyChrista too and sells gifts for ladies and babies! Selling products that are handmade and I hope in the long term partnering with fairtrade – ethical projects in the third world. Giving the coop groups an outlet for their products, a market to sell to and also help with their branding, their product design and training with textile skills and for their business thinking making it truly sustainable.

SO enjoy my blog! I hope you will find much to inspire you and please comment as I know you will inspire me!
Ps there are lots of good extras on the side bar –Pinterest I LOVE!  Also I have an Etsy shop and you can find me on Facebook and Twitter too :O)