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So many of you blog followers may know that I have a little obsessive passion for seeing beauty come out of life. However as we all know not all of life is beautiful all of the time and that is certainly even more evident when magnified by the conditions of poverty in non-western/capitalist nations. This has fuelled my desire to come alongside these entrepreneurial crafts people who have come from a place of poverty, in a way that I can bring their beauty to profit for them.

For this reason I have been in the process of starting my own business desiring to provide not only beautifully well-made and well-designed products but a space where ethical and fair trade items can be bought.

make up bags, tote bags, childrens clothes and dresses for sale at lucy christa on EtsyI have not attempted something on this scale before, I have sold my handcrafted items and have done very well, but now this is going to be a full blown online shop with product ranges both for women and babies. This is taking a lot of planning and research and is truly a lengthy process.

My frustration has been I really want to get selling but for this to be possible beyond what I already do on etsy, I must have a website.

facebook shows the weekly creative ideas and intresting info on crafts, family and ethical buying come join me and chat!I have not trusted myself build my own as it is essential that the products are tightly knit together with the stories of the artisans, and are clear and easy to buy. I want a trustworthy payment system, an attractive and inviting front page showing the possibilities of quality unique gifts for friends and family, whilst never letting go of having an easy to navigate website that is embedded with ethical vision. Quite a big ask!

So I have been applying for a grant to make affording a professional and tailored website possible, this process has been incredibly slow and frustrating.. seriously frustrating especially as it gets closer and closer to the bestselling time, Christmas.

But then….. MIRACLE!!! I was chatting to a friend who did not realise this was what I was planning to do and he said… “I’ll do It. I’ll do it for free if you like!”  WHAT!!?! Amazing!! He does these things professionally and was keen to offer his support to what I am doing and for free! WOW AMAZING RUSS!
The week after we had chatted about the website design, I saw him again and he showed me that he had got all the basics of the website in place, having worked on it for just 6hrs. Seriously blows my mind. I mean it couldn’t be more perfect.
I had just got to a point when I was finishing all my business training, I had written my business plan and had worked out my financial plan and Boom!! The website can happen.

So A big big huge thank you to Russ.. not only for being willing and giving his time, but for the encouragement and for valuing my vision and my hopes to invest into people, people who despite their ingenuity just need a bit of help to make life liveable, to make life beautiful again.!!

SO what’s next I hear you ask!
Well buying! Buying in fair trade and ethical products, photographing them and making them available on my shiny new website, hopefully ready for nov-dec Christmas gift time!!

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