Be Bold

business start up book
I have been imagining the idea of starting my own business, doing the things I love, and using it to support the things I am passionate about since school.
As I have matured and my ideas have also. They have been refined, becoming more realistic.
Then there is the decision, and making that decision to go for it is just the start!

Facing the new, one must be courageous and bold.
As all you entrepreneurs will know, you have to stay strong in determination especially when it comes down from the big vision to the practical daily running of things.

business start up book

All I can say is one word.. RESARCH! The most essential thing after having decided to take the first step is to research and study, this will actually never stop. If you’re to be a current business you must continually keep a mind of learning.
I have worked with a business development and marketing company for a short while and what we continued to find is small business often forget to pay attention to the basics in the rush to establish a website or get things going.

Don’t rush, just like anything worth doing the process takes time and thinking through your customer base is so essential, well who are they? You can’t just make a service how you imagine and then change the customer to fit that. We have to look for what it is that people really want!?

Here are a few of the many questions I ask myself. Who will buy? What is your business identity, name, unique selling points, personality, colours and branding? What is the best timing to start, are you ready? What is your product/service?  What is your pricing? Who are your competitors? What is your marketing strategy?
And for each of these questions there are more details and more challenging things to consider. The simplest thing I have found helpful is the basic triangle:- market-product- price-

It takes mental agility and flexibility to be open to new approaches and to change.  I have a business coach that often challenges me. Because of this I have to face up to issues straight away and not ignore what isn’t working. It can be hard to keep facing things that need to improve or resolve because it takes energy and its difficult, but practical planning can help hold off overwhelm.
I cannot recommend enough a loose week time table that plans in the tasks of your business giving more time to those things that need to be prioritised. Remember to plan in daily times of positive activities, ie for me it is playing my piano or getting out for a walk.

week planning, diary

business time management

prioritiseing with a week time table







Sticking with my decision to ‘go for it’ takes time and patience with the development process. There is an on-going tension within me between the positive desire to succeed and consequently bless others and then the negative pull of doubt, can I really do this?
All I can think is, I will do my very best and remain BOLD! 

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