Business involves allot!

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Business involves allot! It starts with vision with an eye and a heart with a passion for something and there you have your idea! That is really the fun bit, being inspired and being able to turn that into a job and a service other people will enjoy too, but running a business is also a massive challenge!!

There is so much involved and so many things one must remember to do with marketing, web optimisation, sourcing products and financing, committing time to making products as well as selling them.. well I could go on and the thing is there are many of us out there! Craft makers, entrepreneurs and you are just all so cleaver! So many ideas and so much backbone I thought I must have an area on this blog in which I can share with you my findings as I set up a business and perhaps it will help a few of you on your way too.

Yellow babies jumper handmade

As you can imagine the titles for my blog are also included in the direction and vision for my business. The main focus for my business is to develop it into a platform for supporting small charitable business based abroad (3rd world) by giving marketing and design help as well as being the perfect shop to sell their product creating a link between them and the western market making it truly self-sustainable for them.

But that part is further down the line right now I am simply grappling with the details of setting up a business one of these is a name!!!
I have been swinging between my designer and blogging name LucyChrista because all that I make my self I sell under that name. The only thing is I don’t want it to sound too exclusive, if I am to join other brands in from ethical traders around the world my online shop will need to be a broader name creating a good show case for the various different bands. I was thinking something friendly that involves the word gift or gifts as everything that I will be selling are beautiful gifts for ladies and babies.

All the Items are lovingly handmade and designed for men to buy for their wives, mums to buy for their daughters, daughters to buy for their friends, dads to buy for their mothers, sisters to buy for their nephews and nieces, boyfriends to buy for their gorgeous girl and so the list goes on…

So what do you think?? Can you help me out with name ideas?

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