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Amazing Russ online womens gift shop

So many of you blog followers may know that I have a little obsessive passion for seeing beauty come out of life. However as we all know not all of life is beautiful all of the time and that is certainly even more evident when magnified by the conditions of poverty in non-western/capitalist nations. This has fuelled my desire to come alongside these entrepreneurial crafts people who have come from a place of poverty, in a way that I can bring their beauty to profit for them.

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Etsy 1st Product Posted!!! Lets celebrate new beginnings.


Celebrating new begginings

Celebrate with me as I have officially posted my first Etsy Product!

My Green pumpkin vibrant and fun babies cardigan for 3 month up.
So excited to share this with you and for this to be the start of many more products to come!
I will be churning out plenty more clothing gems and making them available to buy This Week!

Here is the link to my Etsy shop: Etsy green pumpkin babies sweater, hand knitted

Enjoy, and I am so glad I can share this with you

Business involves allot!

LucyChrista beautiful presents and delightful products
Business involves allot! It starts with vision with an eye and a heart with a passion for something and there you have your idea! That is really the fun bit, being inspired and being able to turn that into a job and a service other people will enjoy too, but running a business is also a massive challenge!!

There is so much involved and so many things one must remember to do with marketing, web optimisation, sourcing products and financing, committing time to making products as well as selling them.. well I could go on and the thing is there are many of us out there! Craft makers, entrepreneurs and you are just all so cleaver! So many ideas and so much backbone I thought I must have an area on this blog in which I can share with you my findings as I set up a business and perhaps it will help a few of you on your way too.

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Giving Gifts, ‘a little something’

Heart Gift

Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Weddings, Baby showers and anniversaries are all moments when gifts are so significant. They do not always take the form of a box of chocolates or an x-box game. I have often found myself needing to be creative about gifts with wanting to give something individual, thoughtful and desired.

Sometimes I have turned to an act of service lifting a load with the skills that I have. That is however quite rare an opportunity and I always like to give something more than just a help, as whatever it is, my hearts true desire is to give them the feeling that they are cherished. This means it has to be out of the ordinary, there must be a specialness or an element of surprise.  Continue reading

Synergy: a joyful thing to savour

Missing a Friend or a Family member can be a soulful affair. It is said that one should see the positives, the delight that you have someone to care about that much. You have found these wonderful and special people. However that does not change the reality that when you think of them there can be a pang.  The cliché of missing them is like missing a part of yourself is not far off. These friends bring different parts of you forward, likewise you do this for them, and this synergy is a joyful thing to savour.

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