Fresh Air and flowers

spring flowers England

I cannot gush enough about the beautiful sensation of being outdoors!
It is healthy, soul restoring and peaceful. This is why I am truly grateful that the flowers are blossoming and the weather is making an effort to be friendly once more.

When the weather is harsh there really isn’t that same kind and easy atmosphere, one has to fight the elements. I can’t say how much I dislike the cold. Ever since I returned from my year long trip to the 30-40 degrees of humid Thailand, I have found chilliness difficult to bear. I am now easing in to the British climate and with that my inner wild woman appears!

allotment strawberry plant bed

To be care free soaking in the delights of spring/ summer with smell and sound, blossom and bees is lovely, but to help that along by planting flowers and watering seeds is also therapeutic.

My dad is a sign and a wonder.. I know I am biased, but really let me tell you what he does. He is a garden designer by profession but works alongside men come from difficult backgrounds, some having come from rehab or prison, some simply haven’t been able to find a job for years and many just needing someone to come along side and give them a chance. He willingly gives a large part of his business income to employing these guys and training them on the job starting with basic skills and then increasing till they can be trusted to run projects for themselves.

They are all great men and I have had the fun of working with them. I remember one of the men was having a particularly hard time having a family member suffering serious illness. We got out to our allotment, cut back some trees to let in light and somehow the physicality of this revived him he looked like a lighter brighter person and I too felt much better. When I spend time outdoors I feel like the fog has lifted from my brain and I can think thoughts about life and process the stresses much quicker!


planting at the allotment with coriander, beetroot,  onions, parsnips and beansI have to put in a plug for my dad, his name is Paul Graham and his business is called Artesian designs. He has done garden maintenance, new designs and hard landscaping as well as building maintenance, interior decorating, bathrooms and kitchens and .. well the list goes on. The Artesian Designs team is based in the midlands but they have done gardens and homes all over including one in London and have won an award at the RHS garden show in Malvern.
So thank you to my dad for showing me how to get back to the land, to enjoy the flowers, the food and the revitalisation that comes through loving creation.


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