Music and Hope


Dear readers I just want to thank you for joining me with my weekly blogs!
I enjoy receiving your feedback and sharing beautiful bits of life with you all.

As I once mused with a friend as we were chatting, most often in life the beautiful and enjoyable moments come all mixed up in the rest of life and one has to make a positive decision to enjoy those happy times even when the circumstances are not perfect.

One of the things that inspire me to soak in a good moment is music!

Music can do something for me like nothing else! It brings me hope, peace even motivation which I definitely need on a rainy day like today.

I like to sit at my piano and just play those bright and mellow tones allowing something to evolve. I have found this the easiest way to express things unspoken and it helps me to somehow understand myself more! Powerful music!

So here is a song I have just come across this weekend that I love not just for its folky sound but also for some very poetic and strong lyrics. Here are the words:

Beyond the Blue 

Stand on the shores of a site unseen 
The substance of this dwells in me 
Cause my natural eyes only go skin deep 
But the eye’s of my heart anchor the sea 
Plumbing the depths to the place in between 
The tangible world and the land of a dreams 
Because everything ain’t quite it seems 
There’s more beneath the appearance of things 
A beggar could be king within the shadows, 
Of a wing 

And wisdom will honor everyone who will learn 
To listen, to love, and to pray and discern 
And to do the right thing even when it burns 
And to live in the light through treacherous turns 
A man is weak, but the spirit yearns 
To keep on course from the bow to the stearn 
And throw overboard every selfish concern 
That tries to work for what can’t be earned 
Sometimes the only way to return is to go, 
Where the winds will take you 

And to let go, of all, you cannot hold onto 
For the hope, beyond,the blue 

Yellow and gold as the new day dawns 
Like a virgin unveiled who waited so long 
To dance and rejoice and sing her song 
And rest in the arms of a love so strong 
No one comes unless they’re drawn 
By the voice of desire that leads em’ along 
To the redemption of what went wrong 
By the blood that coveres the innocent one 
No more separation 
Between us. 

So lift your voice just one more time 
If there’s any hope may it be a sign 
That everything was made to shine 
Despite what you can see 
So take this bread and drink this wine 
And hide your spirit within the vine 
Where all things will work by a good design 
For those who will believe 

And let go, of all, we cannot hold onto 
For the hope, beyond, the blue 

Said I let go, of all, I could not hold onto 
For the hope, I have, in you


from Love & War & The Sea In Between, released 15 June 2011 
Vocals, Guitar, Celeste, and Sample Sequencing by Josh Garrels 


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