Woodland breeze

Hello folks!

Having just shared about the wonders of being outdoors I just wanted to encourage those readers living in the UK especially In the midlands area that Bluebell walk in Shrawley Wood is well worth an afternoon visit!

It would also be lovely for students new to the area, Internationals and tourists visiting Worcestershire to experience as it is quintessentially British, and really the best of England outdoors!

The sounds of birds, lambs, and bees is just so other than what you normally hear, and the smells!!!

Oh the flowers smell glorious! It is most certainly soul food!

It is an easy walk although practical footwear would be a good idea as in the shady patches of the wood it can be a little slippery with the mud not quite dried up.

shrawley wood google map

Bluebells and trees , Worcestershire walks

There are a couple of parking spaces in a lay-by opposite walnut cottage pre-school and nursery, but this is also a bus stop so you need to be sensitive to the locals and access for the bus.
From here follow the public foot path arrow down through a field of sheep which leads to a bridge over the stream and on into a meadow.

You will then come past the back of a beautiful building with apple trees. As you would imagine it is called Shrawley Wood House and is a 19th-century country house in a landscape park. After that the bluebell woodland continues and there are various paths worth exploring some that lead you to the river!

Another good starting or finishing point is the New Inn They have regular walks going from there and parking, as well as, obviously good food and drink! So the flowers won’t last long, get out there and enjoy it!

Ps. it is also lovely in the summer.

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